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About Us
Registered Canadian charity

Our charity is dedicated to the advancement of post secondary education for economically underprivileged Canadian youth. The driving goal of the charity is to enable young people to reach their full potential, and in doing so, help Canada reach its full potential.

100% of donations goes toward scholarships for bright, deserving students..

Your power and success can spur young people to achieve what they could only otherwise dream of. There are extremely bright, young Canadians out there who were born unlucky. You have the power within you to level the playing field for these unfortunate kids and build a better Canada for all.

Help us build Canada!


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Canadian Scholarship Society Constitution:
January, 2011 - View

January, 2011 - View

Our tenets:

Accountability - your donation does not serve administration - it serves the student

Transparency - contact us and we will answer any questions you have

Involvement - you can learn more about where the money goes - see it in action!

Professionalism - giving you the respect you deserve.